Home Inspection Service

Whether you are buying or selling a house - our team offers the most comprehensive and straight-forward inspection on the market.

Our all-inclusive home inspection packages offer great piece-of-mind for your purchase or sale. You'll receive a printed report with important notes and photos at the time of inspection, as well as an emailed digital copy.
Plus home inspection package

Plus Inspection

This is a thorough visual inspection of the entire house, from exterior (roofing and drainage systems, exterior siding, windows, foundation walls, property grading, etc.) to interior (HVAC, electrical, plumbing systems, visible structural elements in the home, etc.).  Concerns and issues will be noted in your comprehensive inspection report that we print out and give to you on-site that same day.

  • Computerized Evaluation

  • Computerized Report

  • Emergency Shut Off Tags

  • Cost Estimate Guide

  • Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

  • Customer Satisfaction Commitment

Premium Inspection

Premium home inspection package

In addition to what is covered in the Plus inspection, the Premium inspection adds the use of infrared scanning to detect hidden moisture as well as overheating electrical systems. This inspection also offers an appliance recall check that provides you with any current or on-going recall alerts on the major appliances within the home, and it provides a lifetime maintenance advisory service.

All features of the Plus Inspection +

  • Infrared Scan

  • Lifetime Maintenance Advisory Service

  • Emergency Shut Off Tags

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction Commitment

  • Rodent Inspection

prestige home inspection package

Prestige Inspection

This extremely comprehensive inspection gives you all the benefits of the Premium inspection, as well as testing for the most common allergens and molds found in a home…some of which are specifically associated with toxins and water damage.

All features of the Premium Inspection +

  • (Healthy Home Package)

  • Sample testing for molds and common allergens

  • Results are provided by a certified third party laboratory

  • One report that is easy to read and understand

Additional Options


The Surgeon General of the United States has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today, and the EPA recommends that you know what the indoor radon level is in any home you consider buying. Our testing will let you know if it’s a concern in your home. For more information on Radon, read this article.

Sewer scope inspection service

The only true way to know the condition of your sewer line is through a video inspection. A sewer scope professional films the underground sewer line from the home to main sewer line in order to detect hidden problems, allowing you to avoid costly repairs and/or nasty sewage backups.

Stucco testing and evaluation

We first do a walk around visual inspection of your home or building to determine if the EIFS has been installed per industry standards. We then perform some non-invasive moisture testing at the surface to determine where the moisture intrusion is occurring. We will then probe the high moisture level areas through the finish coat to determine the moisture level of the wood framing behind the EIFS and to try to determine the amount of damage to the wood, if any. Our reports will include detailed photos of the affected areas and descriptions of the areas that are in need of repair or further invasive testing. (Note: This testing is for EIFS only inspections)

Details Make The Difference

The Tom Recke Team's property inspection is an important step when you are considering the purchase or sale of your property. For more information about our process for real estate inspections contact us today!


Our office is available by phone & email each day to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. When you're ready to book your inspection, we'll get you booked in-time for your purchase or sale.


Our inspectors have the know-how and experience to not only find the important details within your property, but create a thorough report with exactly the information that you need.


We'll use state-of-the-art tools and methods of determining the condition of the site that we are inspecting, in order to examine areas that may otherwise be unreachable and become a later issue.