Commercial Inspection

There is a clear reason why Real Estate Professionals and Commercial Property Owners in Colorado choose The Tom Recke Team. We deliver consistent great results on-point and on-time. Our staff will help make sure that you know about a property before you invest valuable capital, time, and energy. Below are just some of the important items that we'll be examining during your inspection to determine condition, safety and viability.


Property & Site

The initial part of your building's inspection are the exterior components including:


Site exterior & grounds

Land features & grading

Structures adjacent to the property

Structural & Foundation

The key structural elements will be examined inside and around the site including:


Foundation condition

Framing or masonry

Claddings & wall covering


Electrical Systems

The power supply and distribution system is a critical part of any building. Our report and components examined will include:


Service entrance & supply

Main disconnects

Distribution panels & breakers

More Inspection Features

Our inspection reports are packed with important information. Here are some additional elements and options that we can cover for you.

Plumbing Systems

Properly functioning plumbing fixtures and equipment is key to a building's water flow and drainage. We'll make sure things look as they should.


Roofing Systems

We pay close attention to your property's shingles/rolled roofing/EPDM, flashings, and skylights, as well as all other roof features to make sure that you know its ability to keep the outside out.


Heating & Cooling

We'll check the physical condition of rooftop units (RTU's) and other heating & cooling systems and advise f potential upcoming replacement requirements.



We have the ability to offer a birds eye view of your site features, such as parking lot areas, landscape, and roofing systems that my otherwise be inaccessible by using drones.



Determining the condition of your property's waste drainage system is important to confirm proper function. Our technician will use a high-end video system to check for defects in the line.

These items, as well as the continued list below, will help give insight about the ongoing operation costs of the property.

Other Report Items

Our comprehensive checklist is unmatched when it comes to commercial inspection, and also includes the areas below.
  • Structure & Building Envelope

    We will report on the type of construction and materials used, including their age and current condition.

  • Mechanical Systems

    It is important to ensure that both internal and external systems are properly prepared for insulation and current capacity. In addition, we may assess the electrical system for increased load bearing to ensure that it has the ability to accommodate future growth and upgrades

  • Vertical Transportation

    Our inspection includes any elevators, escalators, or other devices for transporting goods and people.

  • Life Safety & Fire Systems

    The presence and location of all fire extinguishers, overhead sprinklers, alarms, lighted escapes, and signage are reviewed to ensure that the building is properly equipped.

  • Interior Elements

    We assess the suitability of layout and walls, kitchen facilities, restrooms, etc., for the proposed business.

  • Document Review

    We confirm that all legally required documents regarding the property, including building permits, zoning compliance documents, the deed, and any financing documents, are available and in compliance.

  • Cost Analysis & Recommendations

    Our inspector may project upcoming costs & provide an opinion about the suitability of the property for the proposed business, as well as suggestions for any needed improvements.

Critical Details

The Tom Recke Team's property inspection is an important step when you are considering the purchase or sale of commercial real estate. For more information about our process for commercial real estate inspections contact us today.


Our office is available by phone & email each day to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. When you're ready to book your inspection, we'll get you booked in-time for your purchase or sale.


Our inspectors have the know-how and experience to not only find the important details within your property, but create a thorough report with exactly the information that you need.


We'll use state-of-the-art tools and methods of determining the condition of the site that we are inspecting, in order to examine areas that may otherwise be unreachable and become a later issue.